Improve Customer Loyalty With This Next-Generation Rewards Program

A reward is always encouraging, whether it is for work or anything else. It boosts up the willingness of a person to do more. Nowadays, the reward program is the trend in the market to attract customers. These programs are kind of store credits that a consumer gets on buying something from the store and help you improve customer loyalty. You can earn the loyalty of a customer with these honor programs. Your presents should be so attractive that your client always searches for the reason to come back to your store.

Earlier, the store credit was given through reward points, discount coupons or the gift cards. With these gifts, the consumer was supposed to return the store after some days to redeem the gifts. It was quite boring for both the customers and the owners.

From the consumer’s point of view, it was difficult to visit the store in the given time again, hence resulting in loss of reward and interest in it. And from the store’s point of view, if the consumer is spending for the points and coming back again and again, then the program is successful or else it’s a flop one. It was very tough to predict the outcome of these type of programs.

But, now the scenario has changed. Today is the generation of Instant rewards. The consumer does not want to wait for the store credit they earn on a purchase they have done. The only way to improve customer loyalty is to introduce a new generation Reward program in the market.

With this program, the customer gets instant returns for their shopping. The shop owners have brought the various credit options for their customers like order credit, birthday credit, monthly credit and much more. This store credit idea has attracted the customers to a great extent and has increased the rate of their loyalty to the store. They always want to visit the store again to earn more and more re-compensation.

However, in this era of competition, it is hard to bring back customers for more purchases and improve customer loyalty. The price race and reward offers are the common reasons for a customer to change their stores. They always want more and better. It is the responsibility of the store owner to treat the customer with the amazing rewards and excellent shopping experience that they urge to visit the store frequently. There is an online store at Shopify that has come up with these store credit option and is creating new and loyal customers every day.

Flits, an E-commerce brand store follows this new generation reward program and gives a chance to its customers to win some exclusive store credit with a huge re-compensation on the way. They allow the user to earn high credits along with other advantages like free shipping, store credit, and sharing the shopping experience with other customers. This thereby helps you improve customer loyalty.

Flits customer loyalty program is one of a kind. It not only gives the option to categorize the rewards in different types but also gives an equivalent local currency credit. Equivalent local currency means that if a USA store gives 10 credits it translates to 10 dollars, if an Indian store gives 50 credits it translated to 50 Rupees. This also serves as wallet for customers and an easy way out for merchants to refund if customers return any product, as the credits can be rewarded equal to amount paid by the customer.

Flits reward program serves two ways, for customers it is a chance to earn more for every action and for merchants it’s a way to retain and reward customers. Reward program helps merchants Acquire. Retain, Reward and also an easy way to Return money as credits. Missing out on giving a reward program to your customers would be a big mistake. Repeat customers guarantee sales and reward program is the best way to do it.

So what are you waiting for? Install the Flits app today to improve customer loyalty. 

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