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Importance of customer account page on customer-end

When you think about launching an online store, you think about the products, website, marketing, etc. There is one significant aspect that doesn’t get any attention from e-commerce websites. Before we begin to delve on this aspect, let me paint you a picture.

A customer buys a speaker from an online store. A few weeks later, the speaker starts malfunctioning. Now he calls the customer care, and they ask him for a few details about the purchase he made. He logs in the store only to find that he cannot find his order details. What went wrong? What did the customer miss? Or was it the merchant’s fault?

The aspect we are discussing here is the need for a customer account page. At the same time, online stores focus all their energy on design details, category pages, product pages, interface, marketing. But in all this they forget about the page where customers will be logging in, filling in details, checking order history, etc.

One may think that why should a business worry about how the customer’s experience is if your products are world-class. But online shopping is an experience in itself. Also, businesses have to emphasize customer experience as most customers have been shopping in brick and mortar stores.

Replacing that experience is hard enough as it is. Hence businesses should try their best to do as much as they can so that their customers don’t miss the feeling of conventional methods of shopping.

A customer account page is crucial because it is the page where many actions from the customer’s end occur. The customer is likely to return to your website if he has had a pleasant experience finding the details he needed.

What is a customer account page for a shopper?

A customer account page is an essential part of any e-commerce website. Overlooked by many online stores, this page is where the customer checks all his details, past orders, subscriptions, repeat purchases, etc. This is the page where a customer spends most of his time once he is done selecting/buying a product. This page serves as a database and a place for post-sales interaction.

How industry leaders in eCommerce are using customer account pages

Major e-commerce websites like Amazon, Myntra, Walmart, Asos have elaborate customer account pages. Let’s have a look at them :


Amazon’s customer account page can serve as a goal for other websites. You can practically find out every single          information regarding your orders, manage subscriptions of all amazon products, place a call to amazon’s customer care within the app. Amazon has managed to provide all the options related to every need of the customer in one page.

Amazon- Customer account page
  • Important Features of Amazon customer account page :
  • Your orders
  • Login and security
  • Your addresses
  • Payment Options
  • Various other sections regarding amazon accounts


2. Myntra

Myntra has one of the best customer account pages when it comes to Indian e-commerce brands. Their account page is sleek and consists of the essential sections that a customer may need. The best part is you can access any sections of the account page from the product page through a dropdown.

Myntra- Customer account page

Major features of Myntra’s customer account page :

  • Account overview
  • Orders and returns
  • Credits
  • Profile
  • Addresses

3. Walmart

Walmart has a clean and crisp account page listing all the relevant sections for a customer on their customer account page. Similar to amazon Walmart also gives easy access to all Walmart products such as Walmart e-books.

Walmart-Customer account page

Important features in Walmart’s customer account page

  • Profile and password
  • Delivery addresses
  • Payment methods
  • Subscriptions

4. Home depot

Home depot has a vertically aligned customer account page. The account page gives priority to orders and purchases; hence that section is on the top. They have a separate section for store receipts as well.

Home depot- customer account page

Features of Home Depot customer account page

  • Orders and purchases
  • Account information
  • Lists
  • Credits
  • Subsections in each section

5. Asos

Asos’s customer account is pretty eye-catching. They even have a section where you can link all your social media accounts from within the store, so you can use them to login Asos.

Asos- Customer account page

Features of Asos customer account page Account overview

  • My orders
  • My details
  • Address book
  • Payment methods
  • Gift cards and vouchers
  • Other important pages

You can have a look at various other customer account pages here.


Now one may think why a customer would want to waste his time signing up when he can quickly check out as a guest. This view is short-sighted because then you are thinking of getting only one time customers. If you want to retain your customers, you need to give them the resources to come back again and again.

There is no doubt that you also need to provide them with the option of checking out as a guest, as many first time buyers might be reluctant to sign up initially. But if they liked your products and come back, persuading them to sign up will be a cakewalk.

While many of us have been using this mode of shopping, the pandemic pushed many fence-sitters into trying online shopping. Almost all online shoppers would agree that one time pain of signing up is better than checking out as a guest again and again. But what are the reasons why we prefer to sign up? Let’s take a look at them :

All the screenshots included above have a few features in common. Customer prefers the following features the most :

Profile section: This section comes in handy, especially when you wish to edit or verify your necessary details while placing an order.
Order history: This is a critical section for any customer. Every shopper will tell you to check their order history, especially if it gives an option to track the delivery. Also, this acts as a record of all the purchases made. Mode of payment, date of purchase, details of the product.
Address: Adding Addresses, default addresses are a great option if you wish to order products for multiple addresses
Payment methods: Apart from the regular Cash on delivery and online payment options, these days, there are offers depending on the mode of payments. One may wish to add or remove a particular debit/credit card.
Other than the above primary sections in the customer account tab, there are different various relevant sections like Wishlists, Subscriptions, Vouchers, Coupons, etc.

Effortless check out options for your customer coupled with competition from other sites on the same front is a good enough reason for you to pay attention to Customer accounts. You can read about various features that a customer needs in an account page here.

Shopify customer account page

Shopify also has a basic customer account page section. Merchants can make customer accounts required or optional or disable them altogether. When creating an account, customers are redirected to a separate account creation page. Keep in mind that requiring customers to create accounts might decrease sales conversions.

Shopify customer account page

Shopify customer accounts are pretty basic and have limited features.
Sections provided in Shopify customer account page are :

Account details with the order number, date, payment status, fulfillment status, and total.

Customer details contain the email address, customer’s address, and phone number, and a link to view other addresses.

How can you give your shoppers a customer account page like these sites?


The best thing about Shopify is that Shopify allows you to integrate your store with apps from the app store to better your store pages. For customer account pages, there is only an application – Flits app.

Flits app has been bettering customer account pages of Shopify stores since 2017. Flits app provides a customizable page and offers various advanced customizations (customization vary plan to plan, please go through the billing section of Flits).

Flits customer account page

Features Flits provides for your Shopify customer account page.


The profile includes the customer’s First Name, Last Name, Email, Contact Number, Birthday, Gender. The customer can edit these details if they wish to make changes.

My order

Flits’ My order includes order history, i.e., a list of all previous purchases by the customer from your Shopify website. The purchase history helps customers keep track of their purchases and get any detail they require about the order they placed. Details contain Order date, mode of payment, cost break up, address, etc.


This section is one of the most important features of a customer account page. Anything that helps you drive repeat purchases is an asset. Hencer a re-order button is a must below every order. It not only saves customer’s time but is a boon for lazy customers and customers in a hurry.

Delivery Address

Customers can add multiple addresses and select a default address for the pre-selection of the address for every order. All the details, along with the address, are editable.

Recently Viewed Products

‘Recently viewed products’ option is a boon for shopaholics. The best thing about this feature is that the customer does not need to browse again to find the product they checked out a few seconds ago. They can add the product to the cart directly from the customer account page.

Link Store Page

Flits app gives you an impressive feature of linking pages to the store. Pages like refund/return policy come in handy often.

Change password

Customers may feel the need to change their passwords from time to time. Hence easy access to changing passwords is a must.

Log Out

For Quicker logging out.

The customer account page can act like the booth that says, ‘May I help you.’ The good part of this is that the customer can fetch most of the details on his own, and for the rest, you can provide them with a platform or links where they can reach you easily.

Every website must have an account page to ensure customer retention and repeat purchases. Given the cut-throat competition, especially the post COVID era, you cannot miss out on these details.

Want to learn more about customer account pages and how they can help your Shopify store grow? Contact us.

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Rashmi Singh
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