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How To Optimize Your Shopify Mobile Ecommerce Store In 2023

Learn How To Boost Sales Via Mobile Ecommerce Optimization

Mobile commerce is growing—and it’s critical for online business owners and marketers to focus on mobile sales.

But if you don’t optimize your Shopify store for mobile, it’ll affect your customers’ shopping experience. And hence, your conversion rates.

With digital trends and mobile technologies evolving year after year, it’s important to stay up to date and optimize your Shopify mobile store.

That’s what we share in this blog—strategies to optimize your Shopify mobile eCommerce store.

Mobile eCommerce: Status Quo

There’s no better way to understand the overall status of mobile eCommerce than to look at the real numbers and how people are using their smartphones. So here are some fascinating figures about mobile commerce:

  • 6.8 billion smartphone users worldwide
  • It is predicted by 2024, 9 out of 10 people will use smartphones
  • The first step in consumers’ shopping is looking for products on the mobile
  • Mobiles are most used to compare products and research
  • The conversion rate of mobile (2%) is lower than desktop (3%), but steadily increasing

Benefits of mobile commerce

Enhances customer experience

There are more than six billion mobile users worldwide. And the number is increasing. People now perform all functions via their handheld devices. For example, browsing products, discovering new products via search engines, buying, raising complaints, etc. Having a mobile-first mindset is the need of the hour. Businesses that fail to adapt, lose customers to brands that provide good mobile eCommerce experiences.

Makes purchase process easier

Mobile technologies are rapidly evolving, making customers’ lives easier. They can conveniently shop from their mobile devices while on the go. Mobile wallets make payments quick with just a few clicks. Shopify apps for different functions add to the experience of mobile shopping.

Mobile commerce has growth potential

Online brands that don’t incorporate mobile commerce in their sales plan might lose revenue and profits to their competitors. Mobile commerce has seen steady growth over the years and is predicted to keep growing, giving growth opportunities to benefit from.

It adds to omnichannel experience

Customers are everywhere—on websites, social media, mobile apps, and more. Mobile commerce helps provide a good omnichannel experience. Customers can browse products on all the channels, add them to the cart, and purchase from any of the channels. It brings everything in sync, making the buying journey easy and enjoyable.

It enhances localization features

Customers might shop from their mobile devices while they’re on the move from one location to the other. This is where mobile optimization can help boost sales and improve customer experience. The optimized mobile site can track the location and send recommendations, etc. For example, say a customer is browsing products in a locality where the brand also has an outlet. Customers can be sent a push notification to let them know a particular product is just a few minutes away from them.

Strategies To Optimize Your Shopify Mobile Ecommerce Store

Merely creating a Shopify website is not going to cut it. The site has to be optimized for mobile. Moreover, it has to provide a consistent brand experience on all channels. Try these mobile commerce strategies to reach your Shopify business goals faster.

#1 Build a highly responsive mobile site

Even though mobile shopping is the preferred way for customers, they still face barriers. A bad mobile shopping experience can put off customers. For example, a slow loading site, images and text getting cut off, small buttons making it difficult to type, long forms to fill before purchasing, etc.

Besides, with most traffic coming to sites via mobile search, it’s essential to plan and create a seamless experience—from ensuring your site and products appear on search engines to ensuring the customer account page displays all features on small screens.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Ensure the buttons on the mobile site a large
  • Make images full-screen so it’s easy for customers to view products
  • Ensure the mobile site loads fast
  • Auto-fill information for customers based on data from website when they sign in to the customer account page

#2 Include social commerce

Social media platforms have the largest audience base—Facebook has three million users, Instagram has 2.35 billion, and TikTok has one billion.

Apart from being social platforms, most of these have incorporated social commerce features—meaning features that allow brands to sell and people to buy from the platforms, without having to navigate to the eCommerce or Shopify sites.

Users access social media via mobile apps. And hence, it’s critical to optimize your Shopify store for mobile commerce. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Allow social login for your Shopify customer account page
  • Let customers know via your product pages they can buy products from your social media platforms
  • Run campaigns to boost sales on your social platforms. For example, exclusive offers on purchase from social channels

#3 Enable voice search

Voice search technology has been around for almost a decade. But while earlier users used it to know the time of the day, weather, etc., people now use this feature in the eCommerce and m-commerce space a lot.

For instance, customers use voice search for various reasons:

  • To search for products
  • To add products to carts
  • To reorder items
  • To track orders

Here’s what you can do for your Shopify store mobile ecommerce:

  • Incorporate the voice search feature on your mobile site and mobile app
  • Optimize your product pages by incorporating voice search
  • Let shoppers know they can utilize the voice search feature on your mobile app by sending pop ups or live chat messages
  • Enable voice search across all pages on your website, from product pages to the customer account page

#4 Use AR/VR

The augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) industries are expected to reach $114 billion by 2027. Just like eCommerce websites, mobile sites and apps can also use the technologies to enhance customer experience.

For example, if you sell eyewear, you can use AR to show what each pair of glasses would look like on a person’s face. This makes it easy for customers to narrow down products they like and make purchase decisions.

It’s easy to incorporate AR and VR in your Shopify mobile site and eCommerce mobile app. Ensure the same features are available on both the website and the mobile optimized site.

#5 Set up omnichannel retail

With fierce competition, online businesses aren’t leaving any stone unturned to push sales. For example, online stores might have a brick-and-mortar presence as well. In addition, they might be selling on different platforms apart from the website, for example, social selling via social platforms.

Moreover, 8 out of 10 customers use their smartphones at physical stores to research products online while they’re at the store.

Here’s how you can optimize your Shopify business for mobile be incorporating omnichannel strategies:

  • Allow customers to use coupons via all channels – website, mobile site, app, in-store
  • Allow customers to continue one purchase through different channels. For example, a product added to the cart from the mobile site can be picked up in-store
  • Sync your Shopify web store and mobile store so that customers can add products to their cart from any platform and complete the purchase on the other

#6 Enable one-click ordering

Think about the amount of information eCommerce brands ask customers to share during purchases—name, card details, billing address, shipping address, email address, card verification number, etc.

Entering all this information in forms each time customers make purchases is tedious and can put off customers. Moreover, typing so much on the small screen is even more annoying.

Therefore, make it easy for customers to place orders on your mobile eCommerce store via one-click ordering.


One-click buying was first introduced by Amazon, and customers like the convenience of this feature. The result: lesser cart abandonment, more sales.

By incorporating 1-click buy, you can increase sales from your mobile device as it makes purchases a breeze, fast, and convenient.

#7 Integrate mobile chatbots

Communicating with customers via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and other channels is good, but what if there was a way to chat with customers while they were shopping on their mobile via a chatbot?

The communication would become faster, more personalized, and you’d be able to provide help to customers in real-time. The integration of chatbots in mobile eCommerce can enhance your customers’ experience by making their experience conversational.

#8 Run mobile store exclusive campaigns

Make shopping on mobile fun by running mobile exclusive campaigns. For example, give special offers for shopping via your Shopify mobile shop. Incentives are also one of the top reasons customers download eCommerce apps.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Give special discounts on the purchase of products from the mobile site
  • Offer reward points for making purchases from the mobile
  • Make the mobile store a part of different strategies in creative ways

How to optimize your Shopify store for mobile commerce?

Even though preference for mobile shopping is rising, shoppers find desktop shopping more easy. The average desktop conversion rate is more than mobile conversions. That’s because the sites aren’t optimized for mobile.

Now that you know the best strategies to ensure your Shopify mobile eCommerce store is in place, you’ll need to install an efficient eCommerce mobile app.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava
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