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How to Create a Rewarding Store Experience Using Product Badges

Think about it: What do people love about shopping on Amazon?

It’s usually the extremely smooth experience, which starts right from the way you browse products. And yes, you might be thinking Amazon is a far cry from your Shopify store, but there are so many elements that you can use to give your customers as great a store experience – such as product badges!

Remember how Amazon uses product badges to display great deals, or ‘Amazon Choice’ products, or to tell you which products are popular with other customers?

Amazon Product Labels

What are product badges?

Product badges are like digital badges, labels or stickers that you can add to the products on your store to help them stand out and grab attention. This is an especially great idea when you have a discount on certain products, have new products you want to highlight, have just one product of a kind left, etc.

ModeMagic Stickers

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How do product badges help create a rewarding website experience?

There are a lot more benefits to product badges than you’d imagine and to see them you need to be using the badges in the right instances and on the right products. Here are a few ways in which product badges help you create a rewarding website experience.

1. Leverage product badges to display social proof

Social proof is the idea that people will follow what most others are doing in order to be well-liked or blend in with the majority. When it comes to your store experience, you can leverage social proof by highlighting products that are well-liked by other customers or selling out the fastest.

It’s rewarding for your customers because it’s exactly what they’re looking for – products that are popular and will help them be a part of the crowd.

How to use social proof to your benefit with product badges:

  • Highlight products that are currently popular with other customers
  • Draw attention to products that may be trending, or keeping in line with a popular trend
  • Showcase products that have been repeatedly rated well by customers

This helps new visitors to your website understand what most other people are buying, and gives them the subconscious cue to do the same, thus increasing the chance of a sale.

The ideal product badges to display social proof: Bestseller | Trending | Hot | Voted Best

Trending Now Sticker

2. Use product badges to establish trust in your store

You can use badges to quickly gain customers’ trust when they land on your page. You only have a few seconds to capture interest, so trust badges help you make the most of it!

Trust badges can be used to:

  • provide information about certain products (such as being vegan, being against animal cruelty, being certified organic, etc.)
  • showcase a stamp of approval from relevant authorities (such as a star rating)
  • to showcase payment safety – one of the leading causes of customers choosing not to shop online (with labels of well-known payment gateways)

Trust badges immediately tell visitors that your brand is legit, they can trust you and trust your quality, creating a rewarding buying experience for them and leaving them with a positive experience.

A few examples of trust badges include: Vegan | Direct from Farm | Certified Organic

Vegan Sticker

3. Use product badges to grab customer attention to certain products

Directing customer attention through your store is science.

If you think about it, you’ll realise that successful stores use product badges to draw you in towards certain products – products that may be doing exceptionally well recently, or maybe on a sale, thus making it more likely for you to complete a sale once you’re on the website.

It also creates a smoother buying experience for your customers. Landing on a website and being faced by a whole page of products can be overwhelming. Most of the time, it’s so overwhelming that the customer only browses through the products before leaving your website.

Instead, you can carefully plan the placement of products on your website and use product badges to draw the customers’ attention towards certain products and give them a well-directed buying experience.

For example, you can use product badges to highlight:

  • A new line of products
  • Products that are currently on sale – along with the amount of discount
  • Limited edition products or high-value products
  • Back-in-stock products
  • Products that only have a few of their kind left in stock

A few examples include: Limited edition | Sale – x% off! | New Arrival

There are also many other types of product badges that help you add flair to your website, value to your customer experience and velocity to your sales.

  • Festive badges: Bring cheer to your store with festive badges that showcase festive offers & discounts – whether it’s a national holiday or Thanksgiving!
  • Informational badges: Use badges to communicate information such as ‘Free Shipping’, ‘Online Exclusive’, etc. that can prompt additional interest from customers.
  • Availability badges: Use badges such as ‘Pre-order Now’ to start taking in orders for a product that’s bound to be popular but not yet available. You can also use the ‘Out of Stock’ badge to help pique customer interest in products that are not available at the moment, rather than taking them off the website altogether.
  • Value badges: Draw customers’ attention towards great value with badges such as ‘Value Deal’ or a ‘Combo Offer’ for bundles. Unless you’re a luxury brand, bundles and combo deals will make your customers feel more special and leave them with a happy buying experience, while badges will help draw their attention to them. After all, who doesn’t love being shown items from which they can get more value?

You’re probably wondering by now…do you absolutely, really need product labels?

Well, the real honest-to-God answer is yes! Even e-commerce giants use them. Product labels aren’t just about making your store look better or highlighting your products for the sake of it – they actually help you increase sales. In fact, by as much as 15%!

Take your store experience to the next level with product badges from ModeMagic

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Applying a product badge is as easy as it gets – simply drag & drop the chosen badge onto the product image in your store. Users love ModeMagic for its easy-to-use interface, pay-as-you-go pricing model and modern designs that elevate the store experience!

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