Flits Integration with Ali reviews

Reward customers for leaving reviews with Flits and Ali review integration

Flits is happy to announce an integration with reputed Shopify App –Ali reviews . This integration will let Shopify stores give rewards for writing product reviews.

Before we begin let’s read a bit about Ali reviews

Ali reviews lets Shopify stores collect reviews from customers via e-mail and other methods. Reviews can be collected directly via automated e-mail.

You can also enhance social proof with the help of filters that allow you to display only five-star reviews, photos and more.  You can also approve reviews or auto-approve reviews. You can import reviews from Ali express and other sites as well.

You can read more about Ali reviews here.

Why is the integration required?

According to an old survey by marketing land, 90% Of Customers say online reviews influence buying decisions . Product reviews are now an essential part of the marketing and branding of any online store product reviews. When a customer checks out any product, they are likely to base their purchase on the number of positive or negative reviews.

Sites that don’t offer any reviews often come off as unreliable and untrustworthy. Which is why reviews are vital to any business. Online stores should encourage all their customers to leave reviews.

Customers are more likely to leave a review if they are encouraged to do so. Most of the time customers do leave reviews on their own or in response to mails asking for reviews. But online businesses should reward customers when they leave a review. This way customers will be motivated to leave reviews every time they make a purchase.

Flits latest integration with Ali reviews is exactly for the above mentioned purpose. Rewarding customers for writing reviews.

Integration includes

  • Products reviews by Ali reviews. This includes text, star rating and photos.
  • Store Credit by Flits. Credits only for 5-star reviews

Let’s see how merchants can enable and use this update to improve their social proof quotient. This integration is available only for Enterprise plan and Business plan.

Steps to enable the integration

  1. In Flits admin go to Integrations
  2. Find Ali express integration
  3. Click on Enable integration button on the right
  4. Click on Integration with Ali reviews on the bottom

Steps for integration

If you have not purchased Ali express plan on your store the last step will take you to Shopify store, from there you will have to add the application. If you have already been using Ali Express reviews the link will take you directly to Ali reviews admin.

You have to take a few steps in Ali express admin as well

  1. Go to Integrations and find Flits.
  2. Enable the integration.

Steps in Ali Admin

The integration process is finished. Let’s see how to put this integration to use.
This integration is in two parts, one is of Flits, and the other is of Ali express reviews.

In Flits admin go to Settings > Credit > Scroll down to Product review > On

Store credit setting

Now set the amount of credits you wish to give, limits on the amount of credit and limit on the amount of days maximum credit can be earned.

For example, if you set credit at 100 dollars and leave the other two boxes as it is, it means that the customer can get 100 dollars for every review with no upper limit for unlimited days. If you set 100 dollars as credits, 1000 dollars as credit limitation. It means customers can earn a maximum of 1000 dollars over unlimited days.
If you set 100 dollars as credits, 1000 dollars as credit limitation and 7 days as time limitation. It means customers can earn a maximum 1000 dollars on reviews but within 7 days time.

In Ali reviews admin
Go to Get Reviews > Approve reviews > Approve reviews/Auto approve reviews

In approve reviews you can manually approve every review.

ali admin

In auto-approve reviews, you can set which reviews (star wise) you wish to auto-approve.
Please keep in mind that customers will earn credits on reviews only on 5-star reviews.
Customers can leave reviews below the product and earn credit.

Credits for reviews

Advantages of integration

Ali review is a popular app on Shopify app store. This integration will benefit many merchants who have been waiting for this.

Major advantages of this are : It will enable merchants to offer rewards to customers for leaving reviews. Giving rewards to customers promotes customer retention and can change one time customers into a lifetime one.
Rewards in-turn add to more sales as customers are prompted to use the credit they have received over time.
Social proof, especially reviews, are a solid way to promote your products.

People trust reviews, photos shared in reviews more than the product description. This also forces merchants to improve the quality of their products.

Flits has always tried its best to integrate with the apps that are commonly used by merchants. We routinely try to keep integrating with popular apps in order to facilitate merchants. It has been long-awaited and it’s exciting to see how Shopify stores will automate credits for product reviews.

Please note : The limitation w.r.t. reviews are by Ali reviews app, Flits cannot make any changes to this.

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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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