A comprehensive list of 11 e-commerce industries that trust Flits@4x

A comprehensive list of 11 e-commerce industries that trust Flits

A short blog highlighting all the e-commerce industries that use Flits customer account page

When building an online store, you are advised to keep in mind the industry type, products and customers. The same goes for when you have to decide which Shopify apps to install. Again, it is advised that you must always consider your customers and the industry type. 

Every store has a dynamic set of customers and products, but there are a few essential tools and features that all the stores need irrespective of what products they are selling. 

One of the essential features that every store needs is a customer account page. No matter the industry type, merchants need customers to store their primary profile data, address, order history etc.

When it comes to Flits, we boast a merchant base that belongs to almost every industry category. Since we cater Shopify merchants, we are taking Shopify industries as base. 

Ecommerce industries are divided in the following 11 categories 

  1. Art and photography
  2. Clothing and Fashion
  3. Jewellery and accessories
  4. Electronics
  5. Food and drink
  6. Home and garden
  7. Furniture 
  8. Health & beauty
  9. Sports & recreation
  10. Toys & games 
  11. Others

Let’s take a look at a few stores that use Flits and their e-commerce industry type. We have selected a few stores from each industry. Most of the selected stores are either Shopify Plus stores or Enterprise level stores. 

Art and photography

For a gallerist or a photographer, there has been a shift in the last two decades. With everything going digital, it is now possible to order paintings, prints, banners etc., online; customers can easily order their favourite art pieces from the comfort of their home.

Customers can also indulge in D.I.Y. Art with crafts supplies delivered at their doorstep.

Following are a few Art, crafts and photography stores that use Flits’ customer account page.

Clothing and Fashion

One industry that has benefitted the most from online commerce is clothing and fashion. In earlier days buying clothes needed a personal touch; we were used to the idea of walking in a store, spending hours trying new clothes, selecting a few and then finally negotiating the price.

Online shopping has changed all that; customers can now sit in the comfort of their homes, order clothes, try them on and return/exchange them at the click of a button.

Such stores heavily depend on a customer account page. Following are a few stores that use Flits-

Jewellery and accessories

With the advent of imitation and handcrafted jewellery, the jewellery business has seen a massive boom in the online sector. Since it’s cheap, the chances of reorders grow to a large extent. They also serve as a perfect gift on occasions.  

Customer account page becomes a necessity for such stores. Below are a few stores that use Flits’ customer account page :



When it comes to electronics, there is an additional aspect, i.e. warranty and guarantee. Customers need to look at their past orders for any refund or repairs and figure out if the product is still under warranty. This makes having a customer account page crucial.

Following are a few electronic stores that use Flits customer account page.

Food and drink

A few years ago, outside food meant going to a restaurant and ordering your favourite food. But, e-commerce changed this and today, we can order food from our phones without moving an inch. Getting groceries, alcohol, spices, or freshly cooked food delivered to your step has been made possible with e-commerce. 

Since grocery is perishable, it needs to be ordered from time to time. This factor becomes a massive reason for stores selling such items to focus on a customer account page. 

Below are some stores that use Flits customer account page –

Home and garden 

Several nurseries and stores that sell items related to gardening have propped up in the e-commerce sector. Gardeners need regular supplies for their plants, including seed mixes, pots, fertilizers, watering tools etc. Any store with a customer base regularly ordering and reordering from them must opt for a customer account page. 

Following are the two home and garden stores that use Flits customer account page.


Who would have thought that we would be getting a giant couch delivered sitting on your couch. But today, you can get the furniture delivered and get your house furnished with a few clicks on your phone. 

Every furniture store needs to provide a customer account page for their customers to check their orders, shipping details, and other information.

Below are a few stores that use Flits customer account page.

Health & beauty

Other than groceries, Health and beauty products get reordered frequently. Customers no longer need to visit a pharmacy to buy their medicines. 

Following are a few stores that deal in medicines/beauty products and use Flits.

Sports & recreation

Indoor games or outdoor games? You can easily find sports equipment, gym equipment, games, and items online, no matter what you enjoy. 

Following are a few FLITS users that range from recreational stores to sports and gym equipment stores.

Toys and games

Toys and games are a significant part of any childhood and apart from toys meant for kids there is a growing pet market as well, pet toys are also becoming popular in the e-commerce field. 

Following are a few toys and games stores-



We have many other stores as Flits users whose business cannot be categorised under the industries mentioned above. A few of them are listed below :

Drift Deals– A multi-product store that gives the best deals

My Choice Software – My choices software is evident by its name, it sells software.

Dispensary Supply – Packaging and supplies for medical facilities.

Flex Screen Retail– Deals in custom window screens.

Retro Supply – Software store for graphic designers and illustrators.

Given the wide variety of Flits users stores, we don’t need any further proof that Flits customer account page is useful to all types of e-commerce industries. Other than the basic features, Flits also has many paid-add ons that boost loyalty and retention.

We are committed to giving best features to all our users. We regularly update our features and also introduce additional features within our existing set-up to make our merchant’s lives easy.

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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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