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Solve customer grievances through Contact us button in Order history

Flits has add new feature: Contact us button in order history

Communication is an essential part of any business. Without communication, the business can never find out whether its customers are satisfied or not. Post-sales services are an integral part of any business as it ensures customer retention. Every successful business’s story is written by amazing eCommerce customer experience and service.

After various requests and thorough research, the Flits team has introduced an option to contact the merchant right from the order history. Customers can contact the seller directly from their order history right within the respective order.

Purpose of the Contact us button

The major purpose of this feature is to give an option to the customers to connect with the seller through the respective orders they have an issue with. This will enable seamless eCommerce customer experience service for online shoppers, helping brands establish strong relationships with their customers. 

Reasons to introduce Contact us button

  1. Easier communication with the seller 
  2. Saves time of the customer and customer service 
  3. Individual query can be generated for separate orders
  4. Better ability to offer eCommerce customer service post-purchase

Advantages of Contact us button

  • The biggest advantage of this feature is that the customer can send a mail directly through the particular order he has issues with. This will ensure that the customer service staff is already aware of the order they are dealing with, reducing the turn around time on addressing concerns. 
  • Customer has to select a reason while sending the contact request to customer service. This will help the staff in streamlining their efforts and avoid asking repetitive questions around the request. 
  • The customer can also attach a drive link including photos of the product, which will give the support staff a better idea of the issue.
  • The customer can also give his contact number so the support staff can connect directly with them over the phone as communication via e-mails can become cumbersome.
  • This feature also improves customer’s trust as they know that at any given time they can contact the seller.

Please note: This is not an automation feature, merchants will have to check for their mail regularly and solve the customer’s issue via e-mail/phone.

Steps to use Contact us feature

  1. Customer can find the “contact us’ button within every order in order history.  Contact us feature
  2. Once the customer clicks on it, A pop-up form will appear. Where they can fill details like Name, email, phone numbers, reason of contacting, and a note. They can add a link to google drive or other similar websites to share photos of the product.Contact us feature
  3. After contacting once, the contact us button will display the date and time of the last time a message was sent to the merchant.Contact us feature
  4. When the request is submitted the merchant can check the message in the mail. The email mentioned will be the same that is saved in the admin section (general settings) of Shopify.Contact us feature
  5. This is how the mail will appear after a message is sent via Contact us option.Contact us feature

You can read in depth about this feature from our FAQs.

Message to Shopify Community

This a basic level workflow for small to mid level businesses that can be used to facilitate communication with customers for individual orders.

We hope this feature will shorten the gap between customers and merchants. This feature will enable them to send their issues directly to the seller and will shorten the process of finding other details in order to solve the issue. Flits will keep coming up with such tweaks and features in the future.

If there’s any concern or query you have regarding this feature on how it enhances the eCommerce customer experience you offer to customers post-purchase, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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