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Benefits of a Customer Account Page (From Shopify Brands Using Flits)

If you’re a Shopify store, you’re most probably using the platform’s default customer account page. That’s a good start. But as your brand grows and your need to engage customers increases, you’ll need an efficient Shopify customer account page app to set up more features.

A well designed Shopify customer account page can help you provide an efficient and enjoyable experience to your customers. To know why we’re saying this, read what 10 Shopify brands have to say about the customer account page on their storefront.

10 reviews that show the benefits of a customer account page for Shopify stores

These are just some of the Shopify stores that are making use of a customer account page using the Flits app. The benefits of a customer account page are stated by the brands, as per their own experience.

1. Accurascale (Miniature trains)

Accurascale is a UK-based company that creates miniatures of British railway rolling stock. The brand works closely with leading industry professionals and factories utilizing cutting edge manufacturing methods to produce accurate and finely detailed ready-to-run scale miniature trains.


The Shopify store brand has been able to completely turn around Shopify’s default customer account page with the help of Flits. They were able to customize the customer account page with add-on features such as store credits, recently viewed products, wishlist, top ordered products, etc. These features, they say, helped them enhance customer engagement.

Alongside, they’re particularly impressed with the app’s ability to easily integrate with their review app.

Here’s how Accurascale’s customer page page looks:

2. Worth Of Best (Bling applicators)

Worth Of Best is a China-based professional manufacturer of hotfix rhinestone applicator kits and a full-supply chain assembling facility.


The brand has a useful feature within the customer account, called ‘File Upload’. Here, customers can contact the brand easily by logging in to the Shopify customer account page and by simply filling a short form. The brand appreciates Flits because it has helped them make their customers’ experience of their website easy and efficient.

A glimpse of Worth Of Best’s File Upload feature (Shopify customer account page):

3. N101 (Health and fitness nutrition)

N101 is an online store that offers health and sports nutrition – vitamins, herbs, sports nutrition, health supplements, beauty and skincare products. The brand caters to athletes, health conscious people and everyone interested in leading a healthy lifestyle.


In their review, N101 highlighted how Flits customer account page app has helped enhance their repeat customers’ shopping experience by modifying the ‘Reorder’ interface. For brands that sell products that have a high number of reorders, Flits can help modify and customize the feature to specific brand needs.

4. The Korean Fashion (Clothing and accessories)

The Korean Fashion is an online fashion clothing and accessories store. The store sells clothes, footwear, jewelry, bags, and more. The site has more than 20,000 customers registered on it.


When an online brand scales, its workflow increases tremendously. Having a comprehensive customer account page helps streamline the workload. It makes it easy to manage thousands of customers and their orders.

The brand found Flits to be easy to install and use, both by their team and their customers who use the customer page. Their customers are able to see their order details and order history. According to The Korean Fashion, Flits is a must-have for brands that are scaling, because Shopify’s default customer account page is not enough.

5. eAuto (Auto spare parts)

eAuto is an India-based online store that sells auto parts, accessories and services. The brand offers genuine spare parts for motorcycles, scooters and scootys.


In their review, they specifically mention how Flits is a functional Shopify customer account page app. The app helped solve a lot of their use cases through a branded customer account page, ‘Wishlist’, and ‘Social Login’ features.

6. Imlak’esh Organics (Organic food)

Imlak’esh Organics is a brand that specializes in the import and distribution of superfoods ethically sourced from small-scale organic farmers around the world. Superfoods, cocoa powder, nuts, and dried berries, the Shopify store sells all these and more.


In their review, they clearly express how Flits helps enhance the otherwise basic Shopify customer account page. Flits helped them integrate many of the apps the brand uses, with their Shopify site.

Here’s a look at their customer account page customized in their brand colors and look.

7. Don’t Sleep GFX (Music)

Don’t Sleep GFX is a brand that sells graphic design services and beats for musicians. The brand offers premade cover art, images and videos that can be used for marketing and promotional content, canvases for music release, among other assets.


This Shopify store brand’s customers love the ‘Wishlist’ feature. What is more, they point out how the easy Shopify customer account login process on their site makes their customers’ shopping experience more efficient.

8. Le Ravishe Beauty Mart (Beauty)

Le Ravishe Beauty Mart is a Shopify brand that sells beauty products for men and women. The online store ships products all across the world.


With the help of Flits customer account page app, the online beauty store was able to easily integrate the ‘Social login’ feature for their site. Their customized customer account enables them to engage customers through features such as ‘Reorder products’, ‘Track products’ and ‘Recently viewed products’.

Here’s a peek into their customized Shopify customer account page:

9. Harford Road Liquors (Alcohol and tobacco)

Harford Road Liquors is a US-based brand that delivers liquor and tobacco to their customers. The Shopify store offers a wide range of beers, wines, liquors, tobaccos, as well as soft drinks.


With the help of Flits, the brand was able to turn the default Shopify customer account page into a more professional-looking page.

10. Direct Price (Uniform and workwear)

DirectPrice is an Australia-based online store that sells uniforms, workwear for different industries, boots, and work gear such as PPE kits, etc.


Their Shopify customer account page has features such as ‘Order history’, ‘Reorder’, ‘Change orders, ‘Contact’, etc.

Every Shopify customer account page set up above is tailored to meet the brand’s customer requirements and purchase behaviours. Remember, no two customer account pages need to look the same – they need to meet your consumer demands, making it simpler for them to buy from you, and interact with you. That’s where having a Shopify customer account page app like Flits comes in.

To make your Shopify customer account page more efficient, install Flits app today!

Install Flits To Set-Up Your Customer Account page Right-away

Vanhishikha Bhargava
Vanhishikha Bhargava
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