Flits anniversary

It’s our fifth anniversary!

This year’s anniversary blog is not about numbers but our growth, culture, ethics, and vision.
Before we move forward, we want to share that we will be celebrating our fifth anniversary in a new office space with some new members of the Flits family (including a baby, and a few on the way). 

Flits success story
Flits story board

A new office, fresh perspective, and us

Moving to a new office space has provided us with fresh energy and motivation to work harder. It also reminds us how far we have come, from shared office space to our own.
We have met many roadblocks, failures, successes, and learnings in the past five years. The biggest lesson we learned is that every vertical and member of that vertical holds importance in a company’s growth. To think that just developing a functional app would help achieve our goals is a misconception.
This is a huge reason we started expanding our team to give more helping hands to each vertical in the company. More hands on deck will give employees some free time to focus on their professional and personal growth.

The Little things

Apart from this, we also focus on the mantra- Little things matter. By little things, we mean letting the team have some ‘me time’ within the office premises. We took care of this while designing our office space as well.
Many of our team members are also taking online courses to enhance their skill set while working, which is fully funded by Flits. It also means focusing on work-life balance without compromising on work.

Lounge space to chill out
Lounge space to chill out

Our mission

We started Flits with a mission to benefit the ecosystem. The ecosystem comprises Shopify, Shopify merchants, app and agency partners, and anyone who can benefit from us or help us achieve our goals.
Flits was an initiative to build a community with a strong character and diverse views that don’t compromise the ethics and values of the company.

Giving back

Birthdays and anniversaries are events that force us to take a moment and reflect. To be grateful to the universe. This brings us to the point of giving back to the community. Every year we give back 1% of our yearly earnings, time, and knowledge to those in need. We will follow this custom this year as well.

So far, we have given back to educational NGOs, donated groceries during the pandemic, given a specified sum to team members, and let them choose where they wish to donate. This year we are doing a mix of education (stationery goodies) and allowing team members to decide where they want to donate.
‘Giving back’ is our way of thanking the universe for how far we have come. 

Happy Anniversary to Us and all those connected to us. 


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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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