Unboxing 2021 with hope

Before we talk about 2021, let’s turn around and look at the most bizarre year there ever was. 2020 was an unusual year, not just the pandemic but also the fact that someone in the US was facing the same problem as someone in Australia or India. Social distancing, masks, sanitizers, and staying home became a way of life overnight. Most of us had no idea what would happen, but you have survived if you are reading this blog, pat yourselves on the back.

2020 was a challenge for everyone. It was a year that claimed many victims and found new heroes. It was a year that surprised us in a way that none of us imagined. It was also a year of innovations, adapting to new technologies and online shopping.

“In the year 2020, E-commerce was also a frontline worker.”


Frontline workers sacrificed a lot so we could function as normally as possible, e-commerce also played a massive role in facilitating our lives. From milk to medicines to food and clothes, everything was delivered to our doorstep. People flocked to online apps and other websites for their daily needs.

The industry stepped up, took care of sanitation, workers’ health, delivery staff, and customers’ health. The lockdowns did slow down the commerce sector a bit, but home deliveries and online shopping were a huge relief. While the medical staff and other workers were busy saving lives, ecommerce was busy saving the economy. 

Flits is fortunate to be a part of this sector; if not directly, we were indirectly facilitating our merchants and their customers. Like everyone else, this year was a year of sudden changes, working from home, missed skype calls, the struggle of muting unmuting calls, postponing deadlines, and the question of how long this will continue. 

While many people lost their jobs or were not lucky enough to sit home and continue working, we were fortunate enough to continue earning our bread from the comfort of our homes. There is nothing we are more thankful for this year. We all had our health and our source of livelihood intact. 

2020 taught us many things; the most important thing that we learned is, things won’t always go as planned, and no matter how difficult the change is, we all have the tenacity to survive. We are way stronger than we think, and in these difficult times, we have proved this.

Adaptability is the key, as we never know what challenges life will throw at us. If one can adapt to the changes, they will not only survive but also flourish. 2020 has definitely made us stronger and flexible. We are better prepared for bigger and tougher challenges that life will throw at us. Yes, there may be glitches, delays but we will survive.

With so many vaccines coming up, the new year has given us new hope that these testing times won’t last very long. We will get back to our everyday lives and move on. We can get back to breathing without masks and worrying about sanitizers everywhere. We wish that we can get back to the old normal as soon as possible. 

We wish that all those people who lost their jobs will find new and better jobs in 2021, those who faced losses in their business will flourish in 2021. We hope that those who lost their loved ones will come out stronger in 2021, those suffered ill health due to COVID will be hale and hearty in 2021 . We pray that 2021 will be prosperous for everyone. 

2021 is to unboxing hope, new goals, health and wealth. To quote Jason Soroski

“There is nothing magical about the flip of the calendar, but it represents a clean break, a new hope, and a blank canvas.”

Wishing all the readers and Shopify merchants a Happy New year.

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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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