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How We Used 1-Star Reviews As An Opportunity To Improve

The first thing any prospective customer does is to check out reviews, some customers actively check for 1-star reviews. No matter how good your app or service is you are bound to disappoint someone. There will be a few customers who may end up disappointed by your service and a negative review.

But every review be it good or bad should be respected. Yes, not all reviews are helpful, some are vague and some are just monosyllable with no clear explanation of the problem. Every merchant puts in their valuable time and hard-earned money and hence they have every right to criticize or praise our app.

In general terms, any review with less than 4 stars is considered a bad review. But every negative review should be viewed as ‘Constructive feedback’. In this article, we will try to explain how Flits app used negative reviews to upgrade and make positive changes to the application. 

Below are a few 1-star reviews we got from our app users 

Reviews are the lifeline of any product/service. Because reviews are the only way for any customer to find out whether it would be worth using your product or not. Negative reviews at times may be demotivating and often seem unfair too.

But we have to keep in mind that every single customer invests their time while installing and trying our app/services. Getting someone to install an app is itself a task. Any developer/service provider should never neglect negative reviews. A negative review is basically an opportunity to establish contact with the dissatisfied user.

Every negative review gives you a chance to work on the respective area that has been pointed out by the customer. Reviews are not just about the feedback of your product; they are also a chance to show your customer that you give high priority to customer service. Hence when you receive a 1-star or less than 4-star review, you must communicate with the customer and resolve the issue.  

Below are some negative reviews and the action we took after reading the reviews :

This review left by one of our customers made us work more on our support policy. We try to respond to our customers as soon as possible. We also try our best to provide 24/7 customer support.

After this review, we looked into the problem and found out that uninstalling the app didn’t remove our code from their store. So we made changes to our app and made it easier for our customers to uninstall our code.

This has been a mistake on our part regarding unclear description of the paid services. It makes a lot of customers think that the addons are additional services, but the addons are an entire module in itself

We bill the services separately so that any customer can pick and choose only those services that they wanted. This could be confusing for the customers as it may seem that the additional services come with the basic app. We will advertise the credit module as a different feature and not an add on so there is no confusion on that part.

Every negative review has forced us to look into the issues that are there in our application or customer service. Every negative review has driven us to work harder and make our app better. Every negative review is not a negative review but a silver lining. 

One of our customers gave us a better review after we resolved their issue. Such gestures not only motivate us but also assure us that we are headed in the right direction.

Another customer changed their review after we solved their issue

We are thankful to those customers who took out time to understand our app and updated the review. It also encourages us to keep working on every negative review that comes along our way. What is important is that we let our customers know that we are listening. And not just listening we are trying to improve too.

We also request every customer to first give us a chance to rectify the mistake or clarify any doubts before making a decision of leaving a negative review. Often it’s nothing but a misunderstanding due to incorrect explanation on our part. 

We also offer a full refund if a customer forgets to use the app after the trial and has been billed, or if the customer is not satisfied with our app. We at Flits believe that customer service should be not just a priority but a policy for any company.

Flits is also grateful to the Shopify community for providing developers with an opportunity to build great applications for all the Shopify merchants. The Shopify community has always been helpful and supportive in resolving our issues. Shopify support service is always quick to respond. 

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Rashmi Singh
Rashmi Singh
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